To create superior value within the career development process in a way that integrates key objectives of stakeholders
(Academic Institutions, Student-athletes & Hiring Companies) so that employers are provided candidates best prepared for success.


As a coaching team at the youth & high school level, Tom and John found themselves becoming advisors to many of their former players as they moved through their collegiate student-athlete experience. Their former players expressed frustration in the career placement process having spent so much time dedicated to balancing their collegiate academic and athletic demands, with little time for much else. Having spent more than 50 years combined experience leading businesses and organizational change, Tom and John heard similar frustration on the hiring side. The disconnect between a simple economic equation of supply (qualified, prepared candidates) and demand (hiring companies) was clear. This disconnect is what inspired the formation and subsequent mission of Stuart & Douglas LLC.


1. a point or way in which people or things are not the same.

The point or way in which people or things will not be the same is the implementation of The Career Combine TM. This difference is a culture change as much as a process change. Stuart & Douglas’s TCCTM is a process that integrates the goals of key stakeholders. While focusing on student-athletes, we know they bring the traits that will enable them to outrun their peers in delivering results. The outcome, career-ready, student-athletes delivering higher value for employers!


Thomas S. Greenspon

Thomas S. Greenspon

President / CEO

Thomas Greenspon is a strategy and technology consulting executive with more than 30 years of professional experience leading organizational transformations and large scale ($500M) businesses. Read More

John D. Rogers

John D. Rogers

Vice President / COO

John Rogers is a sales and business leader with over 25 years of experience with branded consumer products companies in the B2B market. In his most recent role, John led the Foodservice division of GOJO Industries as Vice President of Sales & General Manager. Read More

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